Bicycle Etiquette & Rules on the Road

I was driving home after running some errands. While waiting to turn left, I saw a group of young boys on their bicycles.  Instead of waiting for the light, they crossed the street, and continued down the road against oncoming traffic.  They could’ve just as easily gone onto the sidewalk.  It would have been much safer then what I had witnessed.   Instead they ran the risk of causing an accident.

And so often this happens.  But what disturbs me more, is how many times I’ve witnessed adults doing the same thing! Yes, I can expect it from children who are still learning, but as an adult?  It seems that common sense has completely flown out the window when it comes to bike riding and other road etiquette.  If you are riding a bike on the road, then technically it is considered a vehicle.  And as such, then the same rules apply.  First one being, you drive on the correct side of the road. And if the light is red, then you need to stop. But what usually happens is the bicyclist just goes right on through.  Stop signs too!  Yes, there may be little traffic where you are, but that doesn’t mean you should abandon common safety rules!  Most of the time I see this happening, it is in a heavy traffic area.  And when bicyclists decide that they are above the law, they run the risk of causing injury not only to themselves, but to other people as well! And thanks to cellphones, the rate of risk is significantly higher.  All it takes is for one distracted driver to be looking down at their phone and for a bicyclist to completely ignore the signs, and boom.  Accident.

As a soon-to-be mother, this concerns me a lot.  I only hope that when it comes time to train my child on how to ride a bike, that she uses common sense on where and when to ride it.  That if she has to ride it on the road, then she needs to obey the rules.

What are your thoughts? I would be interested to know what others think about bicycles and the rules for riding on the road.

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